Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Dished

How to Use Dished

  • Click & hold Play/Speed button to play.
  • Drag & hold button right to play faster.
  • Drag & hold button left to reverse direction.
  • Stop to view info, share or read more.
  • Click the Play/Speed button for the previous image.
  • Quick Drag & Release to advance to the adjacent image.

  • What is Dished?

    Dished is platform for entertainment, for staying up on what's trending in food, and for engaging what you love.

  • How does Dished work?

    Check out the instructions at the top of this page.

  • How can I get my stuff on Dished?

    If you think your content, Instagram account, Pinterest board or Twitter feed would make a nice addition to Dished, please let us know! Contact us at Be sure to include a link of what you want to share.

  • What is Dished's stance on objectionable content?

    Dished has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to objectionable content. We do not permit any content that portrays violence, pornography, hate speech or infringement. For more information on our objectionable content policy, please read our Terms.

  • What should I do if I observe objectionable content on Dished?

    Please click here to submit information and report the incident.

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